We provide resources for the blind and those with visual impairment

We have served blind and visually impaired individuals in Alameda and Contra Costa Counties in California for over 75 years. Our mission is to empower, uplift, and provide resources to those living with visual impairments. Our all-volunteer organization strives to enrich the lives of the community we serve by funding a variety of programs including: education, employment, research, and innovations that help them lead more fulfilling lives. We partner with local businesses and other progressive organizations who understand the importance in serving the visually impaired community.

Programs and Resources

Resource database

We provide a database of accessible-compliant businesses. Whether you wish to buy clothing, find a doctor with a low-vision specialty, or take in an evening at the theatre, simply contact us or review our database online.


Lions Vision Resource Network aims to fill the gaps in services provided by other agencies and organizations. To that end, we seek applications from individuals and families in need who are visually impaired. Also, we seek to empower and work with other organizations who provide value and resources to the blind and visually impaired communities.

White Cane Project

We support and promote White Cane Day activities in our community to help raise awareness about the white cane. In addition to alerting motorists of the need to exercise extra caution, the white cane also symbolizes the independence, confidence, and skill of the person using it.